Decade beginning 1970



“Jacques Charoux’s austere geometry (In brushed aluminium and line-underfluted-perspex) flickers or fluctuates into kinetic life as you move along and there lies his message.
Cordelia Oliver

Arts Guardian Glasgow

“In his constructions, depth is no longer an illusionistic effect but an actual fact. Charoux characteristic formal arrangements are either brushed onto metal sheet’s or silk-screened on perspex. Sometimes fluted perspex sheets are laced in front of them which kineticise and scatter the image without destroying it. Because these sculptures incorporate external light and motion, they are no longer independent of their environment’ but are at least in part, products of it.”

~ 4 HOLISTIC PAINTERS, catalogue introduction

Anthony Everitt

Art Critic, Manchester Guardian 1972

Averil Williams

“Well done for having a successful exhibition in Mauritius and a real accomplishment to cover all your expenses! I’ve looked up various of the websites and it is very interesting to read about you, your work with the Coco De Mer, and also to hear you interviewed – albeit in French. You have certainly produced work with a variety of flavours, but most of all I have been so happy to live with the aluminum piece in my home all these years. Thank you. Your work was the very first work of art that I purchased, and all of them have given me such pleasure.”

~ Averil Williams


Large Sculptures

This particular sculpture took me about a year to complete, and two days to assemble.
Day 1:  the studio was methodically cleaned and white plastic hung from ceiling to floor which was also covered. Dust was the enemy.
Day 2: dressed in white including the gloves, I proceeded by cleaning the 8 sheets of perspex and the 4 grooved panels of the frame. Working out a sequential plan for the assemblage, I proceeded. From base… and vertical sides held in position precariously, started bonding the sheets into respective grooves. The “glue” dries very fast, and no mistake is allowed. It wasn’t a hot day yet when I finished, by late afternoon, I was pouring with sweat.

~ Jacques Charoux


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