Decade beginning 1990

Twice Upon a Time

This series, called “Self” is visual history of the Trajectory of a creative Artist Post World War ll.

It is about locations; art colleges or studios in different countries and the artworks being produced at that time. There are 13 in the series.

All these works are 76x56cm, Photo Solar Etching and transfer on arches paper. At one stage it was part of a solo exhibition called ‘TWICE A TIME’ which included other works as well.

“The first 2 prints are based on the family trees of my parents. The genealogical data starts from the beginning of 1600 and had been designed by my mother. On my father’s side I had to do some research in France, particularly in Charroux.

I made two prints for each decade, they all include a self portrait and the relevant works of the time. Including the studios and environments in which they were produced. The rest is self explanatory…for example: (4) is 1st. communion. (6) 1st oil painting. (7) Central School, London & 1st. etching. (9) St Catherine’s Dock SPACE Studio London. (10) Stepney Green SPACE studio London. (11) Covent Garden Studio, London. (12) Silk screen studio Sydney. and (13) Self built South Coast Studio in NSW.”

~ Jacques Charoux

“TWICE UPON A TIME is a personal visual biography of the artist covering half a century. Jacques Charoux takes us from his country of origin Mauritius to London in the 60’s & 70’s and on to Sydney in the 80’s. In many ways twice upon a time is not only a personal and social narrative but a visual documentation of the art and process of each decade.”

~ Exhibition Catalogue 1996

Lisa Havilah

Director (Now Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre), Project Contemporary Art Space

Found in Translation

Strangers on the Shore (1996)

This Royal throne of Kings, this scepter’d isle,
on the earth, the Birirrk said, ‘look at the
This earth of majesty, this seat of mars
colours’. They showed us the red that came
This other eden, demi-paradise,
From the blood of their fighting and
This fortress built by Nature for herself
hunting, the secret white pipe clay that is
Against infection and the hand of war,
kept by a giant kangaroo, the yellow that
This happy breed of man, this little world
marks the cliffs of our land and is the sacred
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
colour of the Yirritja, and the black that
Which serves it in the office of a wall
they made with the great fire they used to shape us.
Or as a mote defensive to a house,
they showed us the charcoal from the fires
Against the envy of less happier lands,
of their great Dreaming tracks and told us,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England
‘With these colours you can keep the Dreaming’.

  • Text by Shakespeare – from ‘King Richard II’
  • Text by David Gulpilli
  • Text related to image 3 – Colours Dreaming

Australian Garden History

Australian Garden History

download & read the full article article in the Australian Garden History, October/November/December 2010

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“One must address the sometimes overlooked areas of contention between the artist ethical and philosophical position on the one hand and the prevailing sociopolitical reality on the other.”

~ STRANGERS ON THE SHORE exhibition catalogue Nov.96

R. Mathers

Art History Lecturer/Critic.

“This trilogy is based on CAPTAIN COOK’S LANDING AT BOTANY BAY by Phillip Fox. Charoux mathematically and emotionally deconstructs and reinterprets this painting, to invest the image with new layers of meaning. The series deal with identity and cultures through transition.”

~ Exhibition Catalogue Dec.1996


Lisa Havilah

Director, Project Contemporary Art Space

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